Advertising in the bulletin

The monthly bulletin accepts and publishes advertisements.

Prices for one year (minimum 10 issues, the standard cycle is the calendar year January-December. No bulletin published in July and August):
1. Business card $200.00,
2. Half page $400.00,
3. Full page $750.00
For advertisements placed in a month other than January for the first time the price will be prorated till the following December.
The Community reserves the right to change prices at any time.
New prices will apply to new ad placements and renewals.
Advertising appears in black-and-white in the printed version of the bulletin, and in full colour in the online version of the bulletin.

Advertisements must be submitted as follows:
- Full page ads: email the full page in pdf format
- Business cards and half-page ads: in paper form, or as scanned jpeg files
- Half-page ads that include image and text wrapping around the image must be provided in Microsoft Word in a form that is ready to cut and paste into the bulletin without any additional formatting. Text that is too long for the space paid for (half page or full page) will be reduced in font size until it fits. Readability of the resulting text is the responsibility of the client.

Price includes one scan per year. Extra scans are $20/scan.

For placing an ad, please contact Savvas at: