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Terms, conditions and rental fees shown here are effective September 1, 2007.
Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time and they will apply to all rentals taking place immediately after the change, regardless of the time of booking.
Rental rates can change anytime, however, upon payment of the damage deposit the rates are reserved.
Items shown as “to be inserted” in this document are to be negotiated with the Council at the time the contract is signed, and filled in and initialed by handwriting.


A. General Rates


Event                                                   rent                  damage deposit          


Day event (8am-5pm) which             $1000               $350     

requires NO USE of the kitchen

(per day)


Major Receptions                              $1500              $800
Official functions including full dinner, liquor, possibly music, and the use of at least half the capacity of the hall, for example wedding or other banquets.

Rent includes:

- The use of the kitchen for the day of the event and the day before.

- The use of tables and chairs only.

- BAR - will be staffed and the liquor will be provided by the community council. The renters’ guests will have to pay for the drinks.


A checklist of all the items made available will be completed (Schedule B).


Minor Receptions                              $600                $400

Functions not including full dinner, not requiring use of the kitchen and using less than half the capacity of the hall, for example shower receptions. Rent does not include use of the kitchen.



B.  Member rates


Member rates are offered when the person making the reservation for the event is a paid community member both in the year that the reservation is made and the year the event is held.

Member rates for the Hall rental are as follows:

Major Receptions                              $1000

Minor Receptions                              $400









Note 1:  Schedule of actions re. Hall Rental.

A. When the booking is made, the contract must be signed, and the damage deposit is paid in full.


B. When keys are picked up immediately prior to the event, the rent must be paid in full, in             

      addition to the  damage deposit.


C. When keys are returned immediately after the event, the damage deposit is due to be refunded

    (minus the cost of any damages).


Note 2: For events which do not include the use of the kitchen, rent includes the use of tables and   

             chairs only.

Note 3: A shower reception (minor reception), booked jointly with wedding reception (major

             reception), receives  a 50% discount on rent ONLY.


Note 4: Kitchen.

A. For banquets, in case the kitchen is required for more than two days, there will be a charge of

    $100/day for the extra days.

B. For other events, use of the kitchen is $200 in addition to the rental rate shown.


Note 5: The decision of whether the reception is major or minor is up to the Council or its

             representative, based on the above guidelines, at the time the contract is signed.


























C. Conditions


1. Damage deposit, and rent payment:

a. Damage deposit is fully refundable if the event takes place and the hall, kitchen and washrooms are returned in the same condition as received, based on a pre- and post-event checklist in Schedule C. Renter and Community representative each receives a copy of the contract, including the completed checklist, signed by both. Any post-event damages are deducted from the damage deposit.

b. Renter is responsible for:

- any loss or damage incurred to the Premises by their helpers, hired staff, other service providers and their guests, if the damage deposit is not sufficient to cover them.

- the conduct of their staff and guests, on and off the premises during and following the event.

- the proper handling of all equipment and furnishings.

- daily removal of trash to disposal bin.

c. Keys to the kitchen are provided only when kitchen rental has been paid.


2. Cancellation:

a. If the renter cancels the booking within 6 months of the booked event date, the damage deposit is retained by the Community. If the renter cancels the booking more than 6 months before the booked event date, the damage deposit is refunded in full.

b. If the event is cancelled by the Community for reasons beyond the Community’s control, the damage deposit is fully refundable.


3. Cleaning:

The hall and associated facilities will be delivered professionally cleaned to the renter. The renter is expected to return them in the same condition as received. If cleaning is required after the end of the event, the Community will perform it and charge the cost to the damage deposit.  No cleaning services are provided during the event unless negotiated separately.


4.  Delivery of keys to the renter (for weekend events):

Wedding: Thursday noon

Baptism: Friday noon

Shower: Friday noon

The hall is to be returned clean and empty and keys are due to be returned by the Tuesday following the event. For Saturday events, the section of the hall (extension) under the flat roof must be returned clean and empty for use by the Community after Church service. Key use is specified in the key contract (Schedule E).


5. Decorations and Operations:

The following rules must be followed by all renters:

1. No staples, thumb tacks or nails on the walls

2. No repainting of walls

3. Surplus chairs and tables are to remain in the Hall or in storage, not exposed to the elements.


6. Parking:

Parking area is available for use by all events at no extra charge. Parking is subject to parking signs and regulations.



7. Greek School and Church and use of the hall:

a. No sound testing or loud noise is permitted in the hall by the renters and their personnel during school hours, Wednesdays 1800-1930 and Saturdays 0900-1230, and during Sunday services 0900-1300.

b. Children need free and uninhibited access to the bathrooms during school hours, and renters must display a responsible attitude towards the school.


8. Catering:

Catering may be provided by the Philoptochos Society, or by any other catering company. The renter is responsible for making his/her own arrangements with the catering provider. The contact information for the Philoptochos society is available in the Community Directory (

If catering is provided by the Philoptochos, the rent is paid to the Philoptochos instead of the Community. Damage deposit is always paid to the Community.


9. Liquor:

A cash bar is included in the rent. Cash bar service includes the liquor license, staffing of the bar and service of liquor. Patrons pay for their drinks only. Alcohol sold in the hall must be consumed within the hall or the rear deck, not in the parking lot.  No alcohol other than that sold by the Community is permitted on Community property.


10. Insurance Requirements:

The Renter MUST purchase SPECIAL EVENT and LIQUOR LIABILITY INSURANCE and provide proof of purchase at least a week before the event, in order to receive the keys to the hall.

Also any Caterer or Decorator must have Liability insurance and the Community should be added on their insurance for the event. The Caterer and Decorator will not be allowed in the hall unless the Community rep has a copy of their insurance. 

11. Smoking:

According to the Smoke Free Places By-law S-203 of the Halifax Regional Municipality, the entire Hall and associated areas such as washrooms and kitchen, is a Smoke Free public place. By decision of the Community Council, no smoking is permitted within 10 meters outside of the main (front) entrance to the Hall, or within 5 meters of the BACK doors of the Hall.


12. Storage Areas:
A. There is a coat room that the renter can use for what ever purpose they need.

B. School areas are to remain locked and off limits to the hall renters.

No storage is provided in the school areas. If items from hall renters are found in the school areas, the full damage deposit will be forfeited.

C. There is limited other storage area as well. See the Council representative for hall rental for details.


Schedule A


Renters: ___________________________________________________________________       


Dates Requested For _________________________________________ _______________


Purpose Of Event ________________________________________________________


Catering Information

            Cooking Staff:  ____________________________________________________


            Knowledge Of Equipment                YES         NO


            Wait Staff: _________________________________________________________


            Bar Staff: __________________________________________________________


            Cleaning Staff: ______________________________________________________


Special Licenses Obtained By:  __________________________________________



            Type: _______________________________________________________________


            Name And Phone #: _________________________________________________


KEYS:            Signed Out By: _____________________________            Date: _____________

                        Signed In By:     _____________________________ Date: _____________

Use of keys is governed by the temporary key contract in Schedule E.


Special Requests:  ________________________________________________________






Fees  :              Base Fee                                  __________________            $

                        Extra Days                             __________________             $

                        Extra Services                         __________________            $

                        Damage Deposit                     __________________            $

                        Total                                        __________________            $










Consent and Release:


I have read this Agreement and hereby covenant and agree to all of the general terms and specific conditions set out and, in particular, hereby covenant and agree that I am personally responsible and obligated to pay all charges due the Community in accordance with the conditions in Schedule A. I further acknowledge and agree that any breach of any of the conditions may result in the termination of my right to use the Premises at the discretion of the Community.




Contact information:







In consideration of the covenants and agreements made by the Applicant, I hereby accept this application on behalf of the Community so as to permit the Applicant the right to use the Premises at the time or times specified in Schedule A.









Member(s) on call for in case of an EMERGENCY (Electrical, Plumbing, etc)

Name:                                                              Phone:


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