Μοναστήριο του Ευαγγελισμού

PO Box 155, New Germany,
Nova Scotia, B0R 1E0

 Tel: 1 902 644 1388
(Tues. Thurs. 1pm-2pm, or leave a message)


The Hermitage of the Annunciation is a small monastic community near New Germany, Nova Scotia. The property of the monastery was acquired late in 2003. After years of living the monastic life in Halifax, and the city becoming too noisy for a life of silence and prayer, the monks relocated to this property in the spring of 2004.

Priest-monk Roman and monk Cassian live a simple life according to the teachings of the Orthodox Church. Days begin in the morning, before dawn, by offering up prayers and thanksgiving to God. This sets the tone for the day. Their day is spent doing work within the monastic grounds. After the evening prayer, the monks have a time of prayer and study and then retire.

Since relocating to the country, much effort has been spent to make the farm house and property appropriate for the monastic way of life. The monks are still working hard to get everything fixed up . When these works are finished, the monks will be able to develop fully the monastic liturgical life and prayer. Trusting the Lord that He will send more monks, they also hope to find ways to develop a small cottage industry as a source of income. More importantly, they will be able to give more time to serving their Lord, which is the reason they are there.


Sundays & Feasts - Κυριακές & Εορτές:
- All-Night Vigils start at 6:30pm
, Ολονυχτίες αρχίζουν στις 6:30μμ
- Divine Liturgy starts at 8am
, Θεία Λειτουργία αρχίζει στις 8πμ

Summer Schedule
Daily Vespers at 4:30pm
On Saturdays and the eve of Feasts: All-Night Vigil start at 6:30pm (please phone ahead)
On Sunday and Feasts: Divine Liturgy starts at 8am
(Note that during the Winter time, our services begin one hour earlier)
During the Summer, it may happen a few times that the priest will be away to celebrate in a parish in Halifax. It is advisable to phone ahead of time.

All visitors are welcome during the day. Please no visits on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except on main feast days.
Possibility of retreats for one day or more. Retreatants are asked to accept the simplicity of our monastic life. Please inquire.

The monastery is blessed to have an iconographer among the monks in residence. Commissions are welcome. Please inquire.


How to get to the Hermitage of the Annunciation from Halifax
Πως να έρθετε στο Μοναστήριο του Ευαγγελισμού από το Χάλιφαξ

Directions - Οδηγίες
Map - Χάρτης - Local map - Τοπικός Χάρτης