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1st edition, October 2000

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Table of Contents



I.                       The Homeland in Greece


1.      Geography and Climate

2.      The Glory of Ancient Greece

3.      Modern History of Greece and its Impact on Emigration


II.                   Arrival in a New Land


1.      Greek People Come to Canada

2.      Adjustment to Life in Canada

3.      History in the Maritimes

The Greek Community in Halifax

Argyris Lacas

Lilyan Delefes

Maria Georgakakos

Callie and Takis Iatrou

The New Glascow and Stellarton Area of Nova Scotia

Cape Breton Island

The Greek Community in New Brunswick


III.                Church and Community  in the Maritime Provinces


1.      The Greek Orthodox Religion

2.      Greek Churches in the Maritime Provinces

3.      Organizations- Church and Community


IV.                 Society, Culture and Education


1.      Values and Family Life

2.      Education

3.      Preservation of the Greek Language

4.      Stories, Customs and Traditions


V.                    Young Greeks in the Maritimes


1.      Students

2.      The Post Education Generation


VI.                 Contributions to the Maritimes and to Canada: Profiles


John Angelopoulos

Peter Dikaios

The Kanellakos Family

Voula Likourgiotis

Nick Meros

Steve Stratos

Antonia Xidos



VII.              Challenges and Conclusions


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About the author

Geraldine Thomas
is a graduate of Dalhousie University in Halifax with a Ph.D. in Classics. She has been on the faculty of Saint Mary’s University in Halifax for over 30 years. She is an Associate Professor of Classics, teaching courses such as Greek and Roman History, History of Ancient Art, Women in Angiquity and Latin. She has traveled to Greece many times to see the ancient sites, enjoy the food and culture, and to enjoy the sheer verve of life in Greece. She has numerous friends among the Greek community in Halifax, and has published several articles on the Greek communities in the Maritimes. 

The book was converted into its online form (html format) from the original electronic text provided by the author (in Microsoft Word format) by Evangelos Milios in November 2004. Photographs, maps and cover pages were scanned from a hard copy of the book.
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